Llama2-70B-Chat is now available on MosaicML Inference

MosaicML is now part of Databricks

Introducing MPT-30B, the latest addition to the MosaicML Foundation Series of Models.

Generative AI for Federal

Build and deploy mission-critical models in your secure environment

Complete Control over Your AI

The MosaicML platform lets you train and deploy custom AI models on your data, without vendor lock-in.

Avoid the security risks of black box GPT models. Easily build your own model from the ground up.

Our algorithmic speedups deliver maximum performance so you can pretrain, finetune, and model results faster.

Mission-Focused Generative AI Applications

Large Language Models

  • Extract key themes from documents and automatically summarize reports
  • Speed machine translation and classification of gathered intelligence and Essential Elements of Information (EEIs)
  • Match incoming intel and other data feeds to indicators and warnings; provide alerts on trending topics

Computer Vision Models

  • Triage and classify intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data in near-real-time
  • Update and expand capabilities of perimeter surveillance and border security
  • Use insights from aerial and terrestrial images to improve situational awareness and field decisionmaking

Generative AI for the Intelligence Community

Optimized Performance

Our system optimizations drastically reduce the amount of compute needed to generate high quality models.

Maximum Scalability

Our flexible platform makes state-of-the-art deep learning infrastructure available to anyone with a few command lines.

Ultimate Security

MosaicML lets you train and deploy advanced AI models with complete data privacy and full model ownership.

Ease of Use

One-click training and one-click inference reduce the time needed to develop complex AI models by orders of magnitude.

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