Llama2-70B-Chat is now available on MosaicML Inference

MosaicML is now part of Databricks

Introducing MPT-30B, the latest addition to the MosaicML Foundation Series of Models.

MPT Foundation Series

Commercially usable open-source LLMs.
Optimized for fast training and inference.

Generative AI Inference Cost Comparison

Why the ML Community Loves  MPT

Open Source

with full data transparency


for the possibility of commercial use


on your data for your use case

Fast Training + Inference

for cost effective deployments

8k+ Context Length

to understand long documents

Optimized Code

for pretraining, finetuning, evaluation


“Using the MosaicML platform, we were able to train and deploy our Ghostwriter 2.7B LLM for code generation with our own data within a week and achieve leading results.”

Meet the MPT Family

A new standard for open-source, commercially usable LLMs. 
Train, finetune, and deploy your own private models.


The most powerful member with 30B parameters and 8k context length


Lighter weight for memory optimization; 7B parameters and 8K context length


The original MPT model with 7B parameters and 2K context length

Train and Deploy Custom LLMs with MosaicML

Unleash the power of generative AI and maximize the potential of your data with our purpose-built platform.


Quick Start

Fast and reliable APIs for state-of-the-art, open source LLMs


More Customization

Customize models on your data for your specific use cases


Total Ownership

Create your own domain-specific LLMs from scratch for maximum customization & security


“The foundation series by MosaicML, including MPT-7B/30B (and an efficient training repo), makes high-quality pre-trained language models available to anyone for commercial use.”

LLM Foundry

Use our optimized codebase for training, finetuning, evaluating, and deploying LLMs.

Our codebase was built with Composer and integrates with the MosaicML platform.

Easy to use, efficient, and flexible, this codebase is designed to enable rapid experimentation with the latest techniques.

Model Gauntlet

The Model Gauntlet is our standardized method of evaluating LLMs in a holistic manner.

It encompasses 34 different benchmarks collected from a variety of sources, and organized into several broad categories of competencies.

Check out our leaderboard to compare eval scores across popular open-source LLMs!


“MPT-30B is an open-source and commercially licensed decoder-based LLM that is more powerful than GPT-3-175B.”

In the Community

Built with MPT:

  • ReplitLM: replit-code-v1-3b is a 2.7B Causal Language Model focused on Code Completion. The model has been trained on a subset of the Stack Dedup v1.2 dataset covering 20 languages such as Java, Python, and C++
  • LLaVa-MPT: Visual instruction tuning to get MPT multimodal capabilities
  • ggml: Optimized MPT version for efficient inference on consumer hardware
  • GPT4All: locally running chat system, now with MPT support!
  • Q8MPT-Chat: 8-bit optimized MPT for CPU by our friends at Intel
  • Gorilla: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs
  • Tutorial: Using MPT-7B with Langchain and Hugging Face